Cross Acres Knitting ladies venture North to see Victoria Square gardens


vic square trevor showing cross acres ladies the history of the garden


Last week the Cross Acres Knitting group from Wythenshawe, came for a site visit and workshop to see the Victoria Square garden and meet with local residents to develop their current garden game board piece which will be unveiled and played with on the Northern Art Carbooty day event!

Trevor, the Victoria Square resident who has built up the beautiful garden from a car park to the glorious green spot it is today showed the knitting ladies around before they went along to work with a few other residents and Common Ground Collectives, Claire Tindale and Liz Wewiora, on the garden game board patches.

Slugs, pigeons, cats and a flurry of insects took over the Victoria square community centre room that day!

Victoria square gardens workshop 2Victoria square gardens workshop 2 with Cross Acres knitting group

Victoria Square gardens workshop 1



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