A little bit of Lemon goes a long long way in Ancoats


Micro-Micro-Revolution-e1435322533577This Thursday see’s the first of two Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art related workshops for the current Victoria Square over 60s residents – bringing the local art organisations current project #500LemonTrees, CFCCA’s Northern Art Carbooty stall and the residents of Ancoats together.

Five Hundred Lemon Trees is a project by artist Huang Po-chih, which called for 500 participants to each donate 500 Taiwanese Dollars to buy a wine label. The sale of each label funded the planting of a lemon tree in fallow farmland in north Taiwan that has been neglected for twenty years. Two years later participants received a bottle of Limoncello and were invited to stick the wine label on the bottle themselves. The project re-establishes both enterprise and art production as methodologies for sustainable social change, reigniting the relationship between farmers, their land and business practice.’

CFCCA is currently the home to an orchard of lemon trees where audiences are able to witness ongoing art-enterprise in action until the end of August.

As well as CFCCA showcasing this current project as part of their artist stall for Northern Art Carbooty, they will be working with a local chef and the Victoria Square over 60s to create lemonade to sell alongside the stall. This will be followed by gallery visit for the older residents to see the project and the centre first hand, bringing the art-enterprise of Ancoats and Taiwan that little bit closer. 

Image c. CFCCA and artist


The Alternative Statues of Ancoats animated by Victoria Square residents!


This week the Victoria Square residents and local knitting group ‘Nippy Knitters’ have excelled themselves (and it’s only Wednesday)!

The group have been working with images captured of the beautiful Victoria Square gardens and surrounding Ancoats area to create final screen printed designs.

Both the designs created, colours selected and alternative Ancoats Statues of the gardens celebrated, these designs punch with vibrancy & character!

Tomorrow Sally from One69a will be back with the group to do some screen printing onto tea towels and making A3 prints that will be framed alongside these other works for sale on the a Northern Art Carbooty day!

IMG_6181 IMG_6186 IMG_6191 IMG_6195

When CrossAcres Met Victoria Square and screen printing on full swing!


IMG_6145 IMG_6146 IMG_6148 Cross Acres knitting group visit Vic Square 1 Cross Acres Knitting group visit Vic square 2The Screen Printing workshops at Victoria Square are getting brighter and busier each week! On Tuesday we saw Wythenshawe Knitting group, Cross Acres, visit Ancoats for the second year in a row, and come along to join in with our Victoria Square residents workshops. With a full house in the Community Centre all hands were on deck as the creative ideas and imagery around Ancoats heritage come to life in some very vivid textile pieces!

We can’t wait to see the final products on sale for this Northern Art Carbooty!