Festive Atelier Carbooty, Sat 2nd December

As part of wewioraprojects we are delighted to be hosting our annual Winter Carbooty event, Festive Atelier Carbooty on Saturday 2nd December.

The Carbooty and Northern Art Carbooty programme has been running for over 6 years now and its one of our favourite projects for bringing artists and audiences together.

This festive carbooty we have taken an open approach with no curatorial limits – trying out new stall holders keen to test out their wares to the public as well as inviting our co-hort of regular carbooty artists back to the festive fold.

With artists and designers including Sally Gilford, Jenny Steele, Aimee Mac Illustration and new makers Flood Clothing and New Analog to name but a few we can’t wait to have everyone together in our new partner venue Artwork Atelier. We will also have a new performance by artist Richard Shields – from the conceptual to the outright witty and entertaining expect anything and everything from this artist to take place.

Artwork Atelier is a Salford based artist studios, event and fabrication space and as part of the Carbooty a selection of Artwork Atelier studio holders will be selling their work and/ or opening their studio doors to discover more about what goes on within their cultural hub.

So we hope you can join us on Saturday 2nd December, 12-5pm at Artwork Atelier, 95 Greengate (off Queen Street) just past Chapel Street, Salford.

carbooty design file christmas 1

Image credit: festive atelier carbooty flyer design by our wonderful carbooty family member Tasha Whittle, 2017

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