Happy New Year from Hankering for Classification


full structure with bracey painting and view of popp stoolAs we embark on the de-stall of the recent Hankering for Classification exhibition, curated myself Elizabeth Wewiora and Matthew Pendergast, we say a massive thank you to everyone who came along, all the artists involved, everyone who took part in our various event marathons and a special thanks to the TOAST team at Federation House for hosting us!

Here are some images of the exhibition as a little reminder of what we have been up to at TOAST – have a very happy New Year!

katie and bracey background 2katie foreground structure in background 1Bracey focus David background 1bracey palette only 2Claire 1Claire 3David family Kwong and david 1Full poppy structure with Niall at frontKwong plate close up nicky backgroundniall martin and overall structure viewNiall Stools and toby cube structure backgroundMartin and Nicky 2Nicky red herrings close up 1Toby 5







Local Recall – the final leg of a Different Kind of Spirit, live this Thursday!



HALLÉ ST PETER’S, 40 Blossom Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 6BF. Event runs 7- 9pm, Thursday 20th November 2014.

Local Recall is a live sound performance and screening by artists Eileen Simpson and Ben White (Open Music Archive), with young people from 42nd Street, Unity Radio 92.8fm and invited guests. For their live artwork Local Recall, Open Music Archive connect with the social history of Ancoats through music, specifically looking at archival material associated with Manchester Art Museum (1886-1953) and re-visit the free art, music and lectures offered to the Ancoats public from the late 1800s to mid-1900s. The whole project is part of the overall ‘A different Kind of Spirit’ programme which has been curated by one half of Wewioraprojects, Helen Wewiora as part of her current work with 42nd Street.

And as part of Elizabeth Wewiora’s current Hankering for Classifiction events programme, which focuses on artists exploring collecting, archiving and classifying what better an off-site event than that of Open Music Archive’s to tie in a Curator’s walk from the Hankering for Classification exhibition this Thursday evening on to the Ancoats Local Recall event. If you would like to join in on the walk from one project to another then please RSVP to e.wewiora@googlemail.com as tickets for the event are limited. The walking group will leave Federation house at 6.45pm.

Cutting Itchy – Hankering for Classification inspired workshop Fri 21st Nov


call out

As part of the Hankering for Classification programme of events, and to tie in with the current ‘As we are away’ mini Manchester festival, Toast, 6th Floor of Federation House, and home to the current exhibition, is delighted to be hosting ‘Cutting Itchy’.

Organised by MUTO and NOUS Magazine, Cutting Itchy is a workshop led by Océane Tur in collaboration with Tom Estioko Blunt. The workshop relates to the themes in the exhibition involving elements repetition, misunderstanding and the illusion of being involved in an art making process involving film, performance and installation.

Here are the details on how to get involved:
The filming during the workshop will take place inside a gallery setting in an especially built set, and happen throughout one day. That means, we will eventually perform in front of a live ‘studio’ audience.

The film set is the high-society dining room of the Hindenburg airship of 1937. On the last day of its final voyage (As you might know, tragically, it burst into flames before landing at its destination…). Blissfully floating above earth, while fascism spreads below, a small orchestra plays to privileged passengers ignorant of what boils underneath.

This will be as much live theatre, as performance art, and a reconstruction of a film set, where everything is on show and everyone is part of the performance.

Filming will begin at 10am and finish by 5pm. The number of participants is divided into 5 groups of 4 people. Each group will be ‘on set’ for roughly one hour (10am to 11am11am to 12am, etc.). You don’t have to be present for the whole day, only for the hour you are taking part. You are naturally welcome to stay and watch, and look round the TOAST exhibition “Hankering for Classification’, curated by Matthew Pendergast and Elizabeth Wewiora which is happening at the same time.

What will happen after the workshop?
After the filming , Joe Whitmore and Generic Greeting Collective will take over the stage for a live animation and DJ-set from 7pm til 8pm. The after-workshop-party with Generic Greeting’s DJ will continue til midnight and welcomes everyone to join.

What else?
We’re looking for 1930’s costumes for the scene, it doesn’t matter if you don’t, but if you do have 1930’s style ties, jackets, coats, caps, please do bring them along!

If you are interested in taking part:
contact Juliet to register for a time slot (titling your email “CUTTING ITCHY PARTICIPATION”): juliet.davis.d@gmail.com
or Tom to enquire about the project itself: t.estiokoblunt@gmail.com


Hankering for Classification’s full programme of Events


As part of the Hankering for Classification programme, the Curators are delighted to bring you a series of events including workshops, artist talks, screenings and alternative social gatherings!

Please note we are not hosting events on every Thursday/Friday night due to other events going on in town that evening… which of course we suggest you try and pop along too!

Thursday 27th November, 5.30-6.30pm
We will be hosting the ‘Arts and Wellbeing Club Manchester’, initiated by local artist Nicola Colclough for their monthly meet up session. Responding to the exhibition, the group will look at how as part of our every day lives we try to order, organise, re-organise and through this process make sense of the world we live in.  Objects’ identity, and memories around them are often connected to arts and health as starting points for discussion and attachment and we have asked the group to bring along an item or example of their own collectables to start off the session.

If you are interested in joining the ‘Arts and Wellbeing Club Manchester’ please contact Nicky at nic_on_tour@yahoo.co.uk

Also on for Thursday 27th why not check out Christmas at the Mill, lovely arts and crafts from the studio holders at Islington Mill. Find out more here: http://www.islingtonmill.com/events.php

Friday 28th November, 6.30-9pm
Russian Scandal

Part of As We Are Away www.asweareaway.com a programme of art events in Manchester 20-30th Nov, organised by MUTO and NOUS Magazine. Russian Scandal is a workshop devised in response to the exhibition focusing on speech and text. Devised and led by Rennes based artist Stéphanie Vivier, invited by MUTO to take part in a one year nomadic residency. The theme of the year is the misunderstanding, inherent to Stéphanie’s research and practice. Of more info: http://www.doyouspeakmalentendu.com

Saturday 29th November, 2-4pm
Exhibiting artist Claire Tindale will be delivering a drop-in practical workshop. Explore the world of miniature model making. Working to 1/12th scale, test your making skills and learn simple construction and upholstering techniques to create a small piece of furniture, suitable for a lilliputian (or a standard dolls house). This is a free drop in workshop and both Curators will be there on the day to have a go too!

Thursday 4th December Late opening 1-10pm
Please note we will be open from 1pm as usual but to avoid clashing with Castlefield Gallery’s 30 Years of the Future, public preview taking place 6-8pm there are no events planned. However to coincide with the opening of Looking at the reflection of reality, 4th floor, Federation house 7-10pm, we will also be open until 10pm. Looking at the reflection of reality is Mark Devereux Projects’ second annual associate members exhibition, showcasing the strength and diversity of the membership, currently comprising over 50 artists.

Friday 5th December – 7-8pm
Curators’ Choice: Hankering for Classification Film Screening. We hope you can join us for the Curator’s selection of artist short film screenings – video and short film works inspired by all things Hankering for Classification

Saturday 6th December, 2-4pm
We are delighted to have academic and curator Dr Steven Gartside, (Programme Leader, MA Contemporary Curating, Manchester School of Art) for the second of two public talks looking at Collecting and Classification.

(Part 1: Collecting Dead Frenchmen, Holden Gallery 5pm, Thu 20th Nov)
Don’t miss (Dis) order – A compulsion to collect, until 12 Dec, Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Thursday 11th December, 7-7.30, 7.30-8, 8-8.30pm
Hankering for Classification Curators have invited guest TOAST member and local Curator Marcelle Holt to host a responsive tour of the exhibition – please let us know if you would like to bring a group along as we can run a number of tours up until 8.30pm.

Friday 12th December, 7-9pm
ART PUB QUIZ! Join the Curator’s and TOAST team for a twist on the classic pub quiz. TOAST will have its own team, with the Curators acting as the quiz masters. Get in touch to sign up your ultimate Art Team via toastwillhost@gmail.com – Come on take on the TOAST! There will be prizes!

Saturday 13th December, 2-4pm FAMILY FRIENDLY!
Join the Curators for the only messy workshop we could think still classifies and collects! Plaster cast your unwanted or hoarded items or use some of the donated items from the Curator’s own collections on the day! One for all ages and can be a drop in session so come along anytime between 2-4pm.

Thursday 18th December, 7-7.30, 7.30-8, 8-8.30pm
Join the Curators for a tour of the exhibition – please let us know if you would like to bring a group along as we can run a number of tours up until 8.30pm.

Friday 19th December, 6-9pm
TOAST Christmas Party! We hope you can join us for a festive gathering – mulled wine, mince pies and of course ‘Arty Party Games’

Saturday 20th December, 1-6pm
TOAST will be hosting a Christmas Shop selling art and crafts products by its own TOAST members. And Hankering for Classification Curators will also screen its Curators’ Choice film screenings again for a second chance to catch the video works on what will be the last day of the exhibition!










The role of exhibition design as an artist for Hankering for Classification


Family Meal

We were delighted to gain an insight from Poppy Whatmore on her thoughts to date for this unique role of exhibition design as artist for the current Hankering for Classification project. Here is what she had to say:

‘Through research of the selected work and collaboration with the artists the installation will be an expansive, raw, skeletal, wooden structure of living units.  The focus on responding to the project is to catalogue the works in a framework, allowing the viewer to pass through (door frames in some cases) into an installation facilitating an integral response  to a classification of objects. For instance, the viewer is part of the work as they experience the structure underneath them: ‘miniature office furniture’ works encapsulated and highlighted between the construct of floorboards in the case of Claire Tindale.  A ceiling framework expands overhead encapsulating Kwong Lee’s collection, ‘The Transpennine Memorabilia Collection’: a loose assemblage of discarded memorabilia symbolizing a Northern England super region. Each artists’ collection will be integrated with furniture objects exploding out of cutting through the catalogued setting relocating the viewer from the original sense of order and composition of objects. The work plays with memory exposing fragments of past events into reality with a physical presence.’

Image: C. Poppy Whatmore, ‘Family Meal’.

Hankering for Classification takes over TOAST, 14th November – 20th December 2014






One half of Wewioraprojects, Elizabeth Wewiora and guest co-curator Matthew Pendergast are delighted to announce the confirmation of their first collaborative project, Hankering for Classification.

Hankering for Classification is a unique take on the role of classifying, archiving and collecting in contemporary arts practice.

London based artist Poppy Whatmore is working with the two Curators to create a large scale installation, which will respond to a selection of collection/ classifying based contemporary art work.  The structure will exist as a new piece of work in its own right but more over responds to the curatorial selection of the artists’ work – as a re-working of traditional exhibition design. Usin TOAST, the top floor project space of Castlefield Gallery’s new art spaces, Federation House, Poppy will be working alongside TOAST’s gallery coordinator Adam Renshaw to maximize on the vast scale of this space, treating this a an opportunity to expand the possibilities of exhibition design as a responsive art installation simultaneously.

The project can only exist through its curatorial selection of individual artists work, who dictate the nature of the materials, sensitively and design of the show. These artists include Katie Goodwin, Niall Macdonald, Martin Hamblen, Toby Huddlestone, Nicky Bird, Claire Tindale, Kwong Lee, Andrew Bracey and David Gledhill – who each take a shared interest but varied focal point on archiving, collection and re-using found imagery of objects within their practice.

The Curators will further host a series of events which coincide with the exhibition opening hours from artist talks, social gatherings to screenings and workshops.

To culminate this year’s TOAST programme, Elizabeth and Matthew have certainly offered a lot for TOAST to host!

NMD_4 poppy-whatmore



Images c. David Gledhill, Andrew Bracey, Toby Huddlestone, Katie Goodwin, Niall Macdonald, Poppy Whatmore, nicky Bird.

This project is kindly supported by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England and Castlefield Gallery’s new art spaces




Hankering for Classification with Matthew Pendergast


0800_001 (2)

Elizabeth Wewiora invited Manchester based Curator Matthew Pendergast to collaborate on a new exhibition and curated series of events exploring artists’ preoccupation with collecting, archiving and re-working found objects and imagery to form their practice.

The project is underpinned by the inclusion of exhibition design by London based artist Poppy Whatmore who has been invited to respond to the curators’ selection of works and create a new installation which acts as a platform for the  exhibiting artists’ work.

‘Hankering for Classification’ is a unique take on the role of classifying, archiving and collecting in contemporary arts practice and includes artists Niall Macdonald, Andrew Bracey, Katie Goodwin, Toby Huddlestone, Nicky Bird, Kwong Lee, David Gledhill, Martin Hamblen, Claire Tindale and of course Poppy Whatmore.

The exhibition will run from 15th November – 20th December, open every Thursday and Friday 1-9pm and Saturday 1-6pm (and by appointment for other days of the week).

The preview is Friday 14th November, 6-9pm at TOAST, Federation House, on the corner of Federation Street and Balloon Street, Shudehill, Manchester.

Keep an eye on the blog for a full schedule of programmed events for the Thurs, Fri evenings and Saturday afternoons.

This project is kindly supported by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England with further support from TOAST and Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces