The role of exhibition design as an artist for Hankering for Classification

Family Meal

We were delighted to gain an insight from Poppy Whatmore on her thoughts to date for this unique role of exhibition design as artist for the current Hankering for Classification project. Here is what she had to say:

‘Through research of the selected work and collaboration with the artists the installation will be an expansive, raw, skeletal, wooden structure of living units.  The focus on responding to the project is to catalogue the works in a framework, allowing the viewer to pass through (door frames in some cases) into an installation facilitating an integral response  to a classification of objects. For instance, the viewer is part of the work as they experience the structure underneath them: ‘miniature office furniture’ works encapsulated and highlighted between the construct of floorboards in the case of Claire Tindale.  A ceiling framework expands overhead encapsulating Kwong Lee’s collection, ‘The Transpennine Memorabilia Collection’: a loose assemblage of discarded memorabilia symbolizing a Northern England super region. Each artists’ collection will be integrated with furniture objects exploding out of cutting through the catalogued setting relocating the viewer from the original sense of order and composition of objects. The work plays with memory exposing fragments of past events into reality with a physical presence.’

Image: C. Poppy Whatmore, ‘Family Meal’.


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