Tall Tales – A National Tour for 2016


Tall Tales,  women artists’ playful exploration of the human experience

Tall Tales was a national touring programme bringing together the work of 17 international women artists who employ the playful use of storytelling techniques in the making of their work.

Stories have been shared for centuries and across every culture as a means of entertainment, cultural preservation and education. The artists in Tall Tales use storytelling techniques to toy with our perception of myth, reality, the public and private, ideas on difference, as well as question our assumptions. Their works reveal uncanny scenarios, sometimes pointing to personal stories but more broadly, issues pertinent to society at large and what we might call ‘the human experience’.

The exhibition tour launched in London in spring 2016 at Freud Museum London, Swiss Cottage Gallery & Library and the Tavistock Clinic and then toured onto Touchstones Rochdale, culminating at Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) in Scotland.


Tall Tales artists included:
Alinah Azadeh (Lewes, UK); Ruth Barker (Glasgow, UK); Nicky Bird (Glasgow, UK); Jacqueline Butler (Manchester, UK); Sharon Campbell (Manchester, UK); Beth Collar (Bristol, UK); Alison Erika Forde (Manchester, UK); Sarah Forrest (Glasgow,UK); Rachel Goodyear (Manchester, UK); Oona Grimes (London, UK); Margarete Berger-Hamerschlag (b. Vienna, Austria 1902, died London, England 1958); Lila De Magalhaes (LA, USA); Laure Prouvost (London, UK); Ma Qiusha (Beijing, China); Lauren Sagar (Manchester, UK); Mirjam Somers (Rotterdam, NL); Nina Yuen (NY, USA) and Jenn Ashworh (Manchester)

The project also brought together the early research residencies behind Tall Tales, which saw Ruth Barker and Beth Collar take up residence at The Tavistock Centre and Glasgow Women’s Library respectively, in 2014.

For full information about the programme please check our website: http://talltalestouring.com/

We are now making plans for a publication and public programme of events to develop the Tall Tales programme further. More information to follow shortly.


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