Beth Collar hones in on the archives and theory of men in feminism & raising ownership of language


Beth Collar is Wewiora projects’ current artist-in-residence at Glasgow Women’s Library as part of our developing ‘Tall Tales’ programme, exploring female narratives – the facts, fiction and myths. For Beth’s second week in residence this August, her research has moved into the specific areas of the role of men within Feminism verses the critical writing about the role of women, also from men. Upon discovering the seemingly large support from men during the pre-world war 1’s suffragette campaigns, and listening in detail of how radical and key women such as Mary Wollstonecraft had the support of many male peer writers, Beth has started to weave ideas together about this seemingly pro-active support from men in juxtaposition with the theoretical writings of the 1700’s – where some claimed that all theory, all writing and thus all opinion could only ever be that of a man’s thought – as our language was written by man. ‘How can a woman then, ever own language’? This argument, however in contemporary terms seems weak, was a theory stated for 100’s of years from key and well respected theorists at the time, and texts about this are all included within the collections at Glasgow Women’s Library.

Beth sees these writings as ‘juicy critique’ to delve further and intends to play potential scenarios and discovered texts out in the form of a new video work.

Beth will return for her final week in residence for the last week of October, where the public are invited to join her and come along to ask what she has been working on in response to the collections at Glasgow Women’s Library.

Get in touch with the Wewiora Projects if you want to find out more here


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