A new commission for Northern Art Carbooty; A new commission for Ancoats

Real homes (1)wpid-20140824_133048

As part of this years Northern Art Carbooty, The Wewiora Project Sisters were delighted to commission local artist Emily Speed to respond to the location of our site venue, 1 Primrose Street, which is based within the heart of the Ancoats conservation area.

The artist was particularly taken with the Victoria Square Housing building, where Northern Art Carbooty was in residence with fellow artists Claire Tindale & Liz Wewiora (as Common Ground Collective), Nicola Colclough and Li-En Yeung delivering workshops to create work for resident community stalls. 

What came from this point of interest from the artist was a site-specific architecturally inspired performance which appeared in and around the Northern Art Carbooty venue, working as an not only an intervention but also a celebration of Ancoats on the day!. 

About Emily’s Commission: 

‘The Homes of Real Men and Women’
Women and men, real men and women, on Sundays had regular ‘up and down’ pitch battles, women with breasts bare and petticoats turned up, cock fights and dog fights were held here as lately as 1866. Yet by the 1890s it was said (rather sadly, perhaps) “You hardly ever see a street fight”
Rushton, Peter, ‘Family Survival Strategies in Mid-Victorian Ancoats’, 
(Images c. Emily Speed, 2014) 

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