Rewind to the Radio with Northern Art Carbooty


As part of the next stages of our Community engagement programme with Northern Art Carbooty and Northwards Housing’s Victoria Square residents (and associated group Nippy Knitters) we are looking forward to creating an internal radio station for and with the residents of this beautiful listed Victorian building. Northern Art Carbooty are talking to partners Unity Radio to start the Radio journey!

In honour of this we thought it only best to rewind to our very own live broadcast on the Northern Art Carbooty day, brought to us by Unity Radio’s PRP DJs complete with interviews of the stall holders and public on the day. And the first couple of minutes cover our very own local Ancoats’ Nippy Knitter’s member Charlie, reciting a poem about fellow knitter Jim!




Blackpool success & farewell memories of Pier to Pier


_DSC0279Blackpool Art Carbooty saw nearly 2000 members of the public enter the Derham Lounge doors of the Winter Gardens with a host of art, design, craft and performances on offer when they arrived.

_DSC0202With regular Northern Art Carbooty artists Makers Dozen, who invited the public to co-create and become a Maker in their own right, Stanley Chow’s specially designed Blackpool prints, and Open Music Archive selling the re-spliced tunes to new Blackpool new comers Richard Oughton and his beautiful images of Northern Soul, Karl Child’s photographic memories of Blackpool and up and coming talent on show from Blackpool and Fylde College students all on offer, we had a rich mix of arts and crafts on the day!

We managed to bring Manchester’s community group, Nippy Knitters along to share their Northern Art Carbooty commissioned wares and they finally got to meet Blackpool community peers Palatine Knitters, who a_DSC0283re regularly based at Blackpool Library.

Whilst Blackpool Boys and Girls Club from Mereside got to showcase their recent screen printed art works, selling T-Shirts and Zines created with workshop artist Squirrel and Tiffin.

It was also fantastic to work with regional talent, Bethany Cassidy and Paper Gallery, both of which brought interactive and performative elements to their stalls.

Our major commission which ran throughout the day, was the _DSC0130live art performance and installation by Richard Shields and Harry Clayton Wright, Pier to Pier (#BigThings) animated the space and brought the memories and stereotypes of Blackpool to life.

Check out the video element of the commission here