Open Music Archive’s 42nd street project re-broadcasts tomorrow night!






(image courtesy of 42nd Street)

OMA (Open Music Archive’s) 42nd Street project is being part re-broadcasted tomorrow night on Unity.

For anyone who missed A Different Spirit’s Open Music Archive Local Recall with 42nd Street (and curated by Helen Wewiora from Wewiora Projects), Graham Massey (808 State), RNCM, and Beating Wing at Halle St Peters, we are pleased to inform you that you can catch some of the evening tomorrow night, 12 March 2015, on Unity Radio 92.8fm.

If you can’t pick that up listen online at  / The piece will receive around 20minutes of air time from 8.40pm, and will be introduced by Unity Radio’s youth Show, NGY.

You can access the full recordings at

If you missed A Different Spirit  or want to learn more about the programme from a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective, please go

Click on films tab and you will find three films that tell some of the stories behind A Different Spirit. The films are produced by Belle Vue Productions and Professor Helen Rees Leahy from the University of Manchester. You can hear from 42nd Street staff, young people and the artists involved, including Alistair Hudson who was then at Grizedale Arts. They are great films, providing lots of insight, and I am sure you will enjoy them.


Putting a spring in to Salford with the first Carbooty of 2015



banner size carbootyWewiora Projects are delighted to be running the first of our 2015 Carbooty events, the smaller lead in events to the annual Northern Art Carbooty event this August in Ancoats.

We are extremely excited to have the original Carbooty queen, Tasha Whittle back from down under with her very own stall of illustrative goodies to boot!

This year sees some of our regular favourites back on board along with a real host of new stall holders: brilliant vintage, beautiful up-cycled products, ceramics, crafts, illustration, prints and publications including the likes of Dave Draws, Always Will, Nous Magazine, Sam Andrew Ceramics, Done Ups, And Piehead prints (to name just a few!)

We hope you can join us this Sunday 8th March, 1-5pm at Islington Mill, James Street, Salford (just off Chapel Street), M3 5HW

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