How does your garden grow? Common Ground’s Claire Tindale in Victoria Square Gardens


As part of this year’s Northern Art Carbooty programme, we have commissioned a number of local artists to deliver a series of workshops with and for the residents of Ancoats Conservation Area – the home of the Northern Art Carbooty events!

Residents from Northward’s Housing Victoria Square and regular user groups of local Charity organisation Mustard Tree have been invited to explore the Ancoats Community gardens to develop a growing based board game! The structure will exist as a sculpture in its own right but also a social tool for groups in Ancoats to use in the communal garden spaces.

You will be able to have a go at the Garden based game yourselves, live on the Northern Art Carbooty event day and meet some of the local residents who have worked to create this new interactive work!

Common Ground Collective’s Claire Tindale has been leading on the sessions each Monday, supported by Common Ground and Northern Art Carbooty’s Liz Wewiora.

A massive thank you to all of those who have taken part so far and we look forward to having a go at that game!

These workshops have kindly been supported by the Ancoats Community First grant scheme – Community Development Foundation


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