Alinah Azadeh on Akerman Daly

To mark the beginning  of Tall Tales’ on-line publishing partnership with Akerman Daly, artist Alinah Azadeh shares the writing and literature which has inspired her own practice over the past 15 years. The selection of books are now on display on the Akerman Daly on-line Library Shelf plaftorm. Alinah is the first of 3 of our Tall Tales artists to work with Akerman Daly over the course of the tour with a Library shelf by artist Oona Grimes and a new body of published work by artist Ruth Barker still to come.

3.4-The-Gift-Marcel-Mauss“Alinah’s shelf contains books – from anthropology to poetry to social psychology – which have guided, inspired, provoked and travelled with her over the last 15 years of her art practice. Many have been core texts in her ongoing enquiry into the nature of – and inter-relationship between – gift, grief, debt and conflict, as well as the historical and critical connections between written, textile and digital cultures. On each shelf is also one of her own written texts which have either been performed, written into or published in parallel to her artworks and which are connected to and cross-reference many ideas within the featured books on the shelf.”

Each shelf will continue to grow as the artist adds more books over the duration of the Tall Tales Tour.

You can find all of Alinah’s selected books via the Akerman Daly Library here

Akerman Daly is Jeremy Akerman and Eileen Daly. Since 2004 they have commissioned, edited and published artists’ writing in print, online and through live events. AD online hosts artist residencies, new projects and a library of art and writing.




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