Charlie Booth joins the Tall Tales team

Ahead of next Year’s Tall Tales national touring programme (full details of this exhibition and associated events will be released in the new year!), Wewioraprojects thought it would be the perfect time to introduce our project team!

Charlie Booth will be working with us as project coordinator / curatorial assistant for the programme.

Charlie Booth splits her time between roles at the Redeye Photography Network as Programme Coordinator and working freelance as Curator and Volunteer Coordinator. Since graduating from the University of Manchester with a BA (Hons.) in History of Art in 2013 she has worked with organisations such as The Hepworth Wakefield, Let’s Go!, South Square Gallery, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, FutureEverything and Sounds from the Other City.

She also co-founded and curates a small affordable art gallery in the Centre of Manchester. TAGallery opened in April 2015 and has since exhibited Manchester based artists Stanley Chow, Richard Shields, James Moss and MCR Moleskine project.

Her interests in visual art are as varied as the places she has worked for but generally she loves pieces which convey a heartfelt story and grow gradually over time. She is therefore most looking forward to witnessing the Chandelier of Lost Earrings & the new ‘Call for Cloth’ project develop over the Tall Tales tour; a piece of sculpture which will be the culmination of many people’s involvement with the show.



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